Bang Thangs

by Morgan Burgess

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This is all my original shit


released October 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Morgan Burgess Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Go Down
When you walked through the door,
My heart filled with lust,
nearly threw me to the floor

And when you walked across the room,
I couldn't keep my eyes from burning through you

I wanna go down on you
Feel my lips on your hips, touching fingertips
I wanna go down on you
Don't need a reason why, don't wanna say goodbye

I wanna go down on you
Track Name: Work Out Bench
I stay awake for the things at night
like the dust creeping to the tv light
Bathrooms with no boys outside
Those boyfriends have thin thighs

I stay awake for the things at dawn
I like watching you put your underwear on
Hands in your hair, touch your eyelashes
Cosmos fuck comes in quick flashes

I broke my back on your work out bench
and the pain it caused made my sockets stretch
and I fought my way to your work out bench
with my train of thought caught in your dream catch

On your work out, work out, work out, work out bench
Track Name: Primary
I wanna live in our handmade home
All sugarcane and honeycomb
You walk the dogs, I'll call the cops, tell them not to come,
'Cause I don't want to be saved from your sea salt, son

Speed up, I don't wanna slow down
You saw the sound and I showed you how
Now I'm looking away, 'cause goddamn, you caught me now
Watching you shift and squirm and wriggle around

I'm glad I went, and I'm glad you came
We're like animals in a picture frame
We're not evolved, we're just the same
Track Name: Hey Sam
Hey Sam, whatcha doin' hangin' out in the kitchen alone?
Hey Sam, whatcha makin' over there in that kitchen?
We're stoned

'Cause we was thinkin' we could stay awhile
Get drunk and dance, slide on the tile
C'mon Sam, it's only polite
We was thinkin' of stayin' the night

Hey Sam, how ya feelin'? I'm having trouble standing
on my own
Hey Sam, mind me askin' if you could bring me my phone?
Track Name: A Grip
If there's a form you want to
take, take, take, take, take, take, take, take
I only want to be the surrounding
space, space, space, space, space, space, space, space

I want to be your heart's second owner
The moon makes her way to me,
but my window could never hold her
Track Name: Lucy

Lucy, underbite
You stare at me with bulged eyes
You have no concept of time
While I drink all of the wine


Later I'll let you outside and it will feel like a lifetime


Lucy, you never learned,
Dogs should be seen and not heard
Baby girl, I'll teach you well
You're loud as hell
Track Name: Practice
No one asked you out of bed today
Your sins are yours to contemplate
You say that you want it the way it was but
Your desires are dangerous

You show your teeth and I go off
You speak to me and I'm going off
You look at me and I go off
There's nothing to see, I'm going off
Track Name: Sleight
I won't miss anything
I'll burn all my clothes
They don't feel a part of me
I want to be alone

I don't care what happens to any of you
Track Name: Skipping
Keep your shit shoved in plastic bags
Breathe in and out of paper sacks
Burn it up inside a cardboard box
He spits and groans but he never talks

Never seem to stop saying
All about how you wanna be taken
Tell me that you're sick with something
Leave you here to leave for nothing
Track Name: Tents
You stay asleep in tents waiting for the winter
Summer, you chew the fence, spit up all the splinters
Spit up your guts in a cup, you're drinking em up
Rude abrupt nauseous kind of rush

Your tone changes when we're alone
I'm not the only one
who thinks you're so far gone
Track Name: [K]arousel
It's okay if you're ready to leave
I'm not waiting for anything
Perceive myself exempt from your opinions
Dismantled by your considerations

I could love you, I could love you and I could lose you
Track Name: Hush Hotel
Come here, baby
I'll teach ya how to make me
Your one and only
and to make me happy

Lay down, lady
I'll teach ya how to love me
Speaking evenly
and holding tightly
Track Name: Poser Pour Toi
Do you think that I know you?
Does it ever cross your mind?
Do you doubt that I know you?
I think about it all the time

Would it be alright if I called you
I just want to kill some time
I always want to call you
But I always changed my mind